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About Us

With the opioid crisis ravaging the nation, families in rural areas are the most vulnerable population due to a chronic lack of resources and a lack of knowledge on opioids.


Our initiative, CORA, is a student-run nonprofit that aims to save lives, reduce the stigma around opioid use, and help people overcome opioid addiction in rural communities through education, overdose response training, and advocacy.

Who We Serve





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How it Works

For Community Partners

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Please look at our COMMUNITY PARTNERS page and FAQ to see if we answer any questions you may have.

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Sign up to be a partner with the form at the bottom of our COMMUNITY PARTNERS page

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We will send you an email shortly to answer any other questions you may have and/or schedule a meeting.

Community Partner Benefits

  • Access to all previous educational materials on the opioid crisis and approximately 4-6 new modules per year

  • Invitations to overdose response training for members in your community

  • A connection to a national network of rural communities that may be struggling with the opioid epidemic

  • Regular updates on CORA’s progress throughout the year

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

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